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The Tung railway station between Darjeeling and Kurseong. It is at a height of about 3500 feet. The railway station is just a small office on the roadside beside the residences of ordinary people.

Every signboard in the Darjeeling Hills carries the name Gorkhaland, though Gorkhaland is yet to become a political reality.

A view of the toy train.

One of the many charming life-like stuffed creatures in the Natural History Museum in Darjeeling.

The Kanchenjunga Peak - two views.

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  1. Hi, both of your blogs are really interesting...what a shame they can't be combined :(

  2. Thanks, Snap. Unfortunately Wordpress allows only very small photos. I didn't want to reduce the size of the photos. Hence I chose this method of splitting the text and the photos. The disadvantage with Blogspot is that it doesn't support copying text from MS Word. I don't know whether it is due to my ignorance. Anyway, I too feel bad about having to make the reader jump from one blog to another.

  3. I had the copy and paste problem when I first started in Blogspot also. Pasting would sometimes shut down Blogspot and my internet explorer...but now all seems to be OK ??? I think you have to be in HTML view when pasting though.

    Anyway, great blogs and I hope you can combine them one day. I look forward to reading them both.

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