Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Go on

In spite of all the follies,
go on.

We create the follies.

The road is always open...


This is a gate that neighbours the Rurban gate that I showed in the last photo.  This belongs to a private owner.  The land behind this gate may soon become 'Rurban' - the religious cult has been buying up all the land in the neighbourhood!


Rurban is my portmanteau word for rural-urban.

This is a scene from the outskirts of Delhi.  The gate you see is one of the many numbered gates of a religious cult that occupies kilometres of land just on the outskirts of Delhi.  What do they do with all that land?  Nothing but use it as parking space for the vehicles that come tri-annually carrying pilgrims! 

That's one aspect of Rurban.

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