Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kill the Poor - again

The Planning Commission of India thinks a person in India can live on about $0.6 (in rural areas) or $0.7 (in cities).

But look at what people in power are earning.

Who drives India's economy?

For whom, for what, are they driving it?

Kill the Poor

This is part of a report in today's [21 Sep 2011] Times of India.  According to the report, the Planning Commission of India has recommended $0.7 (in cities) and $0.6 (in rural areas) as the cut off for determining the level of poverty in India.

India is supposed to be the Superpower in 21st century.

Who makes the rules of Superpowers?
Who decides who is poor?

Do you have a boss who sits in an air-conditioned room and gossips the whole day while he pays you Rs32 per day (the recommended rate?)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Take Off

Take off, dear.

I never could.

Religion clipped my wings, first.

EVM did it finally.

Now, the bosses are at the same job
of clipping wings
with a crude grin on their lipstick-smeared lips.


It's just another cloud in the sky.



Enjoy the beauty

Without my comments

Without yours either


Every cloud has a silver line.

I went on the terrace this evening to pick up clothes put on the drying line. These clouds made me rush downstaris to pick up my camera.

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