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Happy Diwali

Wish you a Happy Diwali. Let your light shine. Do not hide it under any religion ism political party ideology strategy...


My home where I was born and brought up It has given way to concrete ceiling and marble floor Memories linger longer than marble and concrete!


Oh Bakra Yours is the kingdom though you are tied down by the rope of your own politics your villainy Because you and animals like you have converted the world into Bakra Kingdom



Life can grow anywhere at any time.

The politics of growing up

Growing up does not necessarily mean learning politics Growing up can be a simple natural process If only politics didn't exist!

Pie in the sky

Pie is a ratio between the circumference and radius of a circle Pie equals 22 divided by 7 Pie is infinite

Advani's Last Yatra

Courtesy: The Hindu (12 Oct 2011)