Sunday, June 12, 2011


Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare, thousands of their supporters (i.e., thousands of Indians) are demanding a corruption-free India, corruption-free politics in the country.
How many of these thousands of Indians trying to save the country from corruption have paid bribes to get their job done?  Is paying bribe an act of helplessness?  Or is it an act of convenience?

The above cartoon is from The Hindu [11 June 2011].

The Sunday Magazine of the same issue of The Hindu carries an article by Harsh Mander on the cover. Mander tells the story of a young DM who tried to rid his district of corruption.  He faced staunch opposition from the politicians of all levels including the local sarpanches.  Finally when he was about to win his war, he was transferred and all his efforts were scuttled.

Corruption is deeply rooted in the Indian psyche, in the collective unconscious of the country. That's why we will merely end up having a lot of drama in the name of eradicating corruption...

Friday, June 10, 2011


When we climbed back to the top of the hill we were met by a young boy who offered us a peep at the Kanchenjunga Peak through his telescope.  The charge was Rs10 per peep.  I must add that his telescope was indeed of good quality; the glory of the Kanchenjunga came alive through its lenses. 

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The Kanchenjunga
as seen from the top of a tea garden
in Darjeeling

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This is a view from the Darjeeling Railway Station

The people of Darjeeling have been fighting for a separate state
because the West Bengal government had been neglecting the Gorkha-populated regions for too long. 
Finally Mamata Banerjee, the new Chief Minister of the state, has signed a pact with the Gorkha leaders for some autonomy to the Gorkha regions.

I hope to take a better picture of Darjeeling during my next visit.

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Darjeeling Railway Station

The Darjeeling Railway Station

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