Sunday, June 12, 2011


Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare, thousands of their supporters (i.e., thousands of Indians) are demanding a corruption-free India, corruption-free politics in the country.
How many of these thousands of Indians trying to save the country from corruption have paid bribes to get their job done?  Is paying bribe an act of helplessness?  Or is it an act of convenience?

The above cartoon is from The Hindu [11 June 2011].

The Sunday Magazine of the same issue of The Hindu carries an article by Harsh Mander on the cover. Mander tells the story of a young DM who tried to rid his district of corruption.  He faced staunch opposition from the politicians of all levels including the local sarpanches.  Finally when he was about to win his war, he was transferred and all his efforts were scuttled.

Corruption is deeply rooted in the Indian psyche, in the collective unconscious of the country. That's why we will merely end up having a lot of drama in the name of eradicating corruption...

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