Sunday, September 25, 2016

I love Mr Modi

Mr Narendra Modi has come a long way from the Gujarat of 2002.  The real war is a psychological one, he has learnt.  It is very easy to rouse up the rabble and set ablaze anything.  Rousing up people’s imagination is the tough job.  A real leader’s task is precisely that.  And that’s what Mr Modi did in Kerala yesterday.

Look at what he said in Kerala yesterday.  India will not forget Uri.  Mr Modi knows as well as Mark Antony that public memory is like the thistledown caught in the wind.  And Mr Modi is as good an orator as Mark Antony.  He knows how to win over hearts just like the Roman conqueror.  “When we think of Kerala, we think of God’s Own Country, it has an impression of purity and holiness,” he said to the cheering crowd.  “When I visited gulf countries recently, I wanted to meet my people from Kerala living there.” He knows that Kerala’s economy is sustained by the Malayalis working in those desert sands.  “Kerala ke karyartaon ko vishwas dilata hoon ki aapki tapasya, balidaan kabhi bekaar nahi jayga, kabhi na kabhi to rang layga.

Yes, balidaan, sacrifice, is the need of the hour.  Mr Modi knows that.  His party workers have to sacrifice a lot, their lives if need be, in Kerala which is ruled by the Left that is the worst enemy of the BJP.  Balidaan is required in the Indo-Pak border more than ever, more than anywhere.  People of India, listen to that.  And get ready for the war.  It is coming.  Slowly.  Mr Modi needs your support.  Without your support he won’t go to war.  He has historical ambitions.  He will be the Akbar of the 21st century.

And he knows the strategies.  It won’t be a simple war. It will be a war supported by a whole nation of 1.25 million people.  And more nations.  Mr Modi is garnering support from a lot many other countries too.  Yes, he is a great leader.  By the time Pakistan is eliminated Mr Modi will have earned his place in history. 

Who will be left to write the history is the question that will remain.

In the meanwhile, I am becoming a fan of Mr Modi.  He knows the game. 

Let me end this with another quote from Mr Modi’s speech in Kerala yesterday.  “A day will come when people of Pakistan will go against its own government to fight terrorism.”  He is right again.  That’s how Pakistan deserves to be decimated.  Not by India.  Mr Modi will earn his place in history if that goal is achieved. 

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Celebrities and me

If I am asked to invite some “celebrities” to a dinner at my dining table, who would those “celebrities” be?

At the outset, let me clarify that this is a purely hypothetical and fictitious approach to the latest theme proposed by Indispire.  

The first three names that come to my mind are Arnab Goswami, Narendra Modi and Gurinder Singh Dhillon.  The last may need an introduction.  Mr Dhillon is the godman who controls quite a few empires led by a cult named Radha Soami Satsang Beas.  He is arguably the richest Indian if the wealth possessed by his cult in India alone (let alone those abroad) is reckoned.  He is worshipped as a god by a few million people in the country though he shies away from publicity of the sort I am giving him free of charge.  He is a celebrity though the Indian media has not discovered him yet except in a rare report like this.

Mr Modi with his political acumen and Mr Dhillon with his godman skills can work out some divine miracles or at least some human strategies for solving India’s myriad problems including Pakistan and China. We have come a long way from Swatch Bharat and Black Money Back.  Now the focus is on the potential Third World War being concocted at the Indo-Pak borders.  I would love to know what the godman who owns the largest area of land in the country has to say about this war for territory.  And I would love to see Mr Goswami bending his ego like the reed in a storm and trying to shout “The nation wants to know...” 

Indispire wants me to invite five celebrities, the sixth one on the table being me supposedly.  So let me invite Dr Manmohan Singh.  He will give me company, I hope, to be a silent observer even when Mr Goswami will declare him the culprit of the latest Indo-Pak showdown.  I will be delighted to learn the value of silence from Dr Singh.

What about the fifth chair?  Well, let god occupy that.  God is the silent listener always.  Let him/her/it learn, if he/she/it has not learnt it already, the games his creatures play in his/her/its name.

PS. This post is written for Indispire Edition 136 #Celebritydinner 

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sydney beckons students

Aerial view of Sydney

If you are planning to study abroad, there is no better destination than Sydney, Australia. Sydney is an iconic city and an ideal place for students to come and study from various parts of the world. Every, year more than 35,000 students from over 50 countries pursue their dreams in various top class educational institutions in the city. Sydney also has a long history of providing students with multiple opportunities to hone their varied skills.

The greatest advantage, particularly for the Indian students,is the temperate climate of the city with warm summers and mild winters. The breathtaking beaches and the stunning landscapes of the city will keep your mind fresh and invigorated to acquire knowledge to the fullest of your potential.  Sydney Opera House, Beaches, the Rocks, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Harbor, Paddy’s Markets, Darling Harbour, the Blue Mountains and many more breathtaking sites can be ideal places for students to spend their leisure time when they need to take a break from their books and academic activities.

Sydney operates as a financial and commercial capital for South Asian and Eastern countries, making it even more attractive for Indian students. 

The public transport system which consists of metropolitan buses, suburban trains and ubiquitous ferries is a boon for students. 

Students can earn while they learn. The student visa offered by Australia allows the students to work for upto 40 hours every two weeks during the academic sessions and even full time during the holidays. This enables students to pursue their academic dreams without burdening their parents financially.

Being a multicultural city, Sydney's eateries cater to almost all the international palates. In this city, you can get a variety of international and local cuisines. What's more, there are plenty of options to suit a student's budget. Arguably the greatest advantage for Indian students is Australia's connectivity to India and other Asian countries.  

The universities in Sydney are globally recognized. They are renowned for their excellent academic environment which also promotes intercultural interactions with their unique support systems. 

Australia is one of the most entrepreneurial continents in the world. The students who wish to settle down in Australia after the completion of their studies will find Sydney a great place to work. Sydney was recently ranked 5th the Monocle 2015 Quality of Life Survey!

University of Technology Sydney
Among the many world class universities in Sydney, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)is one that you should definitely check out! It is Australia’s #1 young university and world’s #14 best university. UTS has also been awarded five stars for excellence in all of the eight categories of higher education by QS™ for 2014-2016. It offers various courses on subjects ranging from Communication to Business, Law to Architecture, and International Studies to Engineering and IT. The university offers various scholarships too. “UTS is about more than just study,”says its website. Renowned for its practice-based approach, UTS is one of the best in Sydney. They ensure that you graduate with as much hands-on experience as possible while exposing you to cutting-edge technology. Many of its courses are offered part time and with flexible timetable options, such as a choice between day and evening classes, so that students can easily alternate between full time study and work.

If you want to know more about this university, then they have the perfect platform for you. Apart from the information available on their website, you have the can also connect with some of thestudents who are currently pursuing their dreams at UTS! They are called the UTS Insiders- 12 students from different courses to show you the way into Australia’s most innovative and number one young university.

You can visit the UTS Insider’s website to follow them on Instagram:

So what are you waiting for? Make your dreams come true by choosing the right university.