Thursday, December 27, 2012

I too

A stupid  post - I mean, personal post. 

I too want to live yaar.

You come claiming to be an expert
and hammer another nail in my coffin

and you go to send me an email to say that
we will talk in the network

I don't believe in networks
any more than in religions.

Didn't networks ruin me enough?

I want to live my life.

Give me a life.

Can you, expert?

Can you, my manager?

Can you, my RETIRING principal?

No, I don't want any help.
Just leave me alone.
I will make my life.

Leave me alone, can you?
Alone from your extorting religion?
From your EXPERTISE?

From your own greed?
Which you think is religion?

Note: This is a purely personal post.  Wicked post.


  1. I proceeded down the lines warily half expecting to be told off as a reader prying into your 'personal' post! Wonderful!

    Wish a Happy New Year to you!

    1. No, Uma, I won't ever tell you to f**k off.

      Thanks for being here.

    2. Satanic Verse for the satanic version of stupid bosses, I mean
      mean dictators.

    3. Consoling to know there are others who suffer similar situations!

  2. Ditto! Ditto!! Ditto!!!
    Thanks a lot Matheikal for giving words to MY feelings!

    1. Honestly, Amit, I wouldn't write these lines unless I was overwhelmed by feelings. I try to overcome feelings with reason. Sometimes reason takes a beat. This was one such situation. A "catharsis", let me call it a la one of the many experts who keep coming and going bulldozing through my life.


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