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Vasavadatta lay dying.  Upagupta came to teach her the lesson she had never learnt in her life.

Vasavadatta was beautiful.  She had admirers.  The admirers came with gifts and laurels.  She realised too late that men were making use of her.  Making use.  Making her a commodity.  Making her body a commodity.  They admired her lips.  They admired her breasts.  They admired her thighs. 

They fucked her.  In short.

They showered gifts upon her.  She became rich.  She became a capitalist.  There was also the religion to support her.  God was behind her.  She thought that God was with her.

It was by pure chance that Vasavadatta met Upagupta, a Buddhist monk.  Tall and lanky, seeing but not leering, looking and also seeing, Upagupta was different from all the men that Vasavadatta had seen so far.  So different from all the men who had seen only her body.

Upagupta did not fuck her.  But Vasavadatta wanted to be fucked.  For the first time in her life Vasavadatta desired to be fucked. 

“Fuck me,” she pleaded.

“A time will come,” said Upagupta. 

Vasavadatta waited.  Waited for months.  Waited for years.  For the promised time.

And Vasavadatta fell ill.  With too much fucking around. 

Nobody wanted her anymore.  She became filth.  Filth thrown around by men who ruled the world.  By the same men who had showered upon her all the wealth that was now spent for medicines that flourishing quacks and decadent babas.  Frauds had always something to sell.  Even if you lay dying.

Then came Upagupta.  “Sister,” said Upagupta.

"Won't you fuck me?" asked Vasavadatta when worms crawled all over her body. 

Upagupta became the teacher of Vasavadatta in the times of CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, in CBSE curriculum).

Note: A diary entry written after attending an exam duty today in a CBSE school in Delhi. Inspired by the legendary story that must be familiar to all readers. 


  1. The last line had me rolling in laughter.

    1. I'm glad you could see through the bleak humour. Thanks.

  2. Replies
    1. As a friend of mine says, some ranting can look like literature too :)

  3. I didn't study this story in school as I studied under Gujarat Education Board. Unfortunately, I've never been interested in reading classics out of school curriculum. However, this story looks interesting. Would love to read it in detail.

    1. The original story is classic, Pankti. I made it vulgar :) For today's tastes.


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