Angela and Indian Politics

Selknam people
who became extinct in 1974
because of Us-Them division made

When Angela Loij died in 1974, a tribe became extinct. 

Angela was the last surviving woman of the Selknam tribe in Chile, South America. 
Communism still survives in Latin America.
Prakash Karat, one of the surviving Communists in India wants to join the AAP.
Karat and his wife Brinda are supposed to be intellectuals.
AAP belongs to ...

The Anarchist
Who should be relegated to the forest, as suggested by the Prime Minister of the country who claimed to belong to the working class but behaves more like a King of some buried era?

Angela, the  Romantic fools still allowed to survive in India mourn the extinction of your race.
Not for your sake.  Not at all for the sake of the colonists who killed your people.
For the sake of the future generations.

Not for the sake of “unity in uniformity”
For which
Our leaders want to drive the last nail on some coffins.

Ashes they love.

Religious people love extinction and ashes.

Corporates love coffins (for their business value) and ashes (for their miracle value which can be sold).

Corporates are our kings now. 

We will bury you,
again if we cannot display you as exhibits in our zoos.

Angela's people carried by a Nationalist to be exhibited in a zoo in 1889


  1. Prose or poetry sir? I liked the structure.

    1. Just put down thoughts as they came. I couldn't bring myself to think logically.

  2. That was hard hitting read it twice....sad truth of eternity...humans will kill the different people

  3. This is heart wrecking. I feel ashamed after reading this. I don't know why.

    1. Because you still have a heart. Because you still care for humanity.

  4. Perfectly agree with you, though the great Indian diversity is doing cultural homogeization very subtly

    1. So subtly that many people are not even aware of it.

  5. The last photo is a bit shocking.. but raising conformism is a concern. We or someone is trying to make all alike .. anything different is criticised.

    1. The whole information disturbed me so much when I came across it accidentally that I couldn't even make a logical post out of it.


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