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Alone in the marketplace

The overpopulated Kerala is discovering new tourist potential.  Aqua Tourism is a promise given at Palaikari in the outskirts of Kochi.  The place has already built up a website though the actual spot is still being developed.  Virtual reality strides far ahead of real reality.

Right now, before the virtual reality becomes real reality, if you are in search of some solitude in the marketplace, the place has much to offer.

Some pictures from the place:

Alone in a small boat with a plastic sail

Neither company nor development is far off

You can choose to be alone 
There are people who make both ends meet even there
A closer look at one such person (for whom neo-nationalism has no meaning)

Solitude is still available, if you want
Even solitude has to be paid for, however

You are in one of the many boats, after all

The bridge is not far 

Even the bulldozer is not far!

That bulldozer bit is a little personal exaggeration because of my personal experiences.

The rest is the story of the tourist attraction at Palaikari near Kochi in Kerala.  Their website:

PS; Don't believe virtual reality totally.


  1. Nice clicks. The place of tranquility still exist amidst chaos of the world...and so true ...virtual reality is pure cacophony :)

    1. And they are converting the actual reality into cacophony too.

  2. Beautiful place. Hopefully it has more pluses for the locals than just cacophony and obnoxious tourists!

    1. Tourists are going to come! And how that will affect the
      local people is easy to guess.

  3. Wow.. nice post... Visual tour of the place... Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kerala is an all time favorite destination with something for everybody..

    1. True. Mountains, rivers, backwaters, beaches... something for everybody.

  5. The pics are soothing my eyes. Seems a very calm place. :)


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