Friday, February 19, 2016

Antinational Dreams

I am antinational
Because I dream
I dream about walking without the chains
That shackled my forefathers
With slogans woven from scriptures

Antinational I am
Because I dream
For azadi

In the dark alleys resounding with putrid slogans
They killed the Mahatma again and again
And erected temples for the killers
Rewrote history
Fabricated myths
Killed rivals in encounters

In the moonlight of dreams
I clamoured for azadi
Azadi from the darkness
To which they were dragging me
Azadi, I wanted, from darkness.

Standing in the moonlight
I could see the distant dawn

They called me antinational
Because I saw the dawn


  1. Very beautiful and introspective! In the current situation, you are sure to be branded an antinational, if you dare to be progressive! How dare you break rank from the herd of sheep?

    1. India is passing through dark days. Kanhaiya is one of the many victims.

  2. How beautifully put...dawn, dreams, a breaking away from darkness.....and true to our time.....


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