Sunday, November 6, 2016

Meenmutty Falls

Physical involvement adds a unique charm to a tour.  Meenmutty Falls in Wayanad, Kerala, involves you physically because you can ascend the hill keeping the falls in view all the time. It’s not a difficult climb at all.  Half an hour and a little effort.  The rocks are slippery in some places but there is a rope to support you.

Here are some pictures from our climb on 1 Nov 2016. 

Meenmutty Falls
The climb is not really tough
Almost there!
Crystal clear marvels entice you all along
Sense of Achievement
Time for a selfie
Lest we forget the trail

There we are!
The landscape that cradles the falls
It was a cloudy evening with a mild drizzle

Wayanad has a pristine beauty.  You won't fail to notice that there is not a speck of waste thrown anywhere on the way.  No plastic, no wrappers, no bottles, nothing but nature and its enticing beauty.  The people of the place have opened up their lands for parking areas.  Tourism will be a better source of income than agriculture, they know. 

There are many pay-and-use toilets too -
some with exotic names
How to reach:

The falls lie about 100 km from Kozhikode which has both railway station and airport. 

PS. We saw a group of people sitting in satyagraha. Their demand is to construct a road that connects the place with Kozhikode directly without going through Kalpetta.  There already is a small road and it is just 30 km, one third of the present distance.  "It's all politics," said the leader of the satyagraha.  If there are no politicians the world will be a far better place.  I think we all know that.  But a world without politics is an idealistic dream.  The cynical practical mind in me says, "Maybe the distance will help to preserve the pristine beauty of the place a little longer."

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