Friday, June 25, 2010

The Gift of Kupup - 2 (Bunker Mandir)

The bed of God Harbhajan Singh in the Mandir dedicated to him at Kupup, 16000 feet high on the Himalayas.
Gangtok - Kupup: 60 km. But that road is closed right now. Take a 130 km stretch from Gangtok by a private tour operator and voila you're there at the Mandir which fulfils all your wishes!

This is supposed to be the room used by God Harbhajan Singh! Quite a few decades ago.

There are quite a few army trucks making their way up and down the 32 hairpin bends almost every day. Any day one of them could have transported a swivel chair.

A cell in the Bunker Mandir, also known as Baba Mandir.

The entrance to the Bunker Mandir.

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