Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The institution was going to collapse.  Everybody blamed everybody else for the situation.  The leader is not good, said some.  The staff were playing politics all the time, said some others.  The infrastructure is outdated, said yet others. 

Everyone has a reason for blaming others, to paraphrase the advertisement slogan of an agarbati.

Let us do something radical about it, said someone.  The action may make some drastic demands.

“Let me ask my husband/wife,” said some.

“I’d love to join you, but you know…” said some others.

“I’m in the South Pole now, but I’ll definitely join you as soon as I reach our place,” said yet others.

You deserve the leader who was foisted on you by your destiny. 


  1. Sir need to be done something any mails from government or the Trust to resolve this matter?

  2. You create your own destiny!


  3. Good one. Its true. Everybody blames everyone when there is a crisis. But nobody will be ready to solve the crisis. Because everyone is afraid of blaming. Rather i would say take it as a challenge and move forward. Even at the first attempt you may fail, but rise from the ashes and move towards the goal until you succeed.

  4. Good Signs of Friendly Management, Job Security, Education to create Loyalty are the Best Identity of good governance. That will yield result as the ethics improves.

  5. Well, who likes to be responsible?

  6. You have simply suggested to us all for an introspection.I agree.

  7. Can't we change our destiny and reshape our destination. ...


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