Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Born Spectator

One infant grows up and becomes a Modi
Another settles down quietly with shaadi

This one the coveted circle hates to enter
That one gets a cabinet rank in the centre

I am just glad as glad can be
That I am not them, and they are not me

With all my heart I do admire
Politicians with their pneumatic tyre

And the flashing bulb on the roof
Also the hooter that’s foolproof

And the way they take each poll in gaudy pomp
And maim each opponent as they romp

My limp and bashful spirit feeds
On other people’s heroic deeds

You’d think my ego it would please
To vote to power one of these

Well, ego it might be pleased enough
But the queue at the booth is rough stuff

I’d rather be a spectator than cast the vote
For people who will only rock my life’s boat

Confession: This is a parody on Ogden Nash’s classical poem, The Confessions of a Born Spectator, inspired by Gujarat’s decision to make voting compulsory for all adult citizens.  


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. A good one and seriously shocked to learn that even voting right can be forced.

    1. That enforcement is an indication of things going to come, Saru. We are going to face a kind of subtle dictatorship.

  3. Why those last two lines sir ? They are explicitly and with seriousness expressing what you subtly and sarcastically intimated in rest of the poem.It is like explaining what you intended to say

    1. The poet persona is reiterating that he is a "born spectator"... I appreciate your pointing out the literary demerit of the couplet. But I am more concerned about hammering certain concepts down with ruthless determination.

  4. You must write a poem on how best we can prevent the 'rough stuff' at booths.

    1. That's a herculean challenge you are throwing at me, KM. :)
      It's so easy to be an "armchair critic" as I have often described myself.

  5. I too am a spectator and happy to be one.


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