Wednesday, November 11, 2015

RSS to wear the pants

The RSS has decided to grow up from shorts to trousers.  Can we hope that the change in the organisation’s sartorial taste is indicative of some attitudinal changes?  After all, the trousers are not traditional Indian dress.  Will the RSS broaden its ideological landscape to include certain good aspects of the culture from which it is downloading the bottoms?

If the RSS were to stick to Indian culture, it would have to prescribe the dhoti to its members since that was the traditional dress of Indian men for a very long period although there were innovative ways of wearing it.  The long piece of unstitched cloth was the easiest dress to manufacture.  Stitching was not required.  Even the women’s sari belongs to that ancient period.  Though the Indian men have opted for the more convenient trousers, the women have chosen to retain the inconveniences wrapped in the five-metre tapestry.  But the RSS is averse to women.  So their sartorial options will be narrowed down to a choice between the dhoti and the pants.

Source: Countercurrents
However, there are some people who are inviting designer uniforms for the staunch guardians of our proud culture.  You can let your hair (not the pants) down and mail your “Drawings, Photoshop images, photographs, cartoons, doodles, even text descriptions of what such a dReSS could look like” to  For more details, click here.

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