Let the light shine

Diwali is a festival that is sustained by multiple legends.  The people of Ayodhya lined up with lamps in their hands to welcome back Rama and Sita who had destroyed the evil named Ravana.  The return of the Pandavas after their exile used to add sheen to the Diwali diyas.  Krishna’s victory over Narakasura is commemorated in certain parts of India during Diwali.  The emergence of Lakshmi from the cosmic ocean which was churned by both the gods and the demons may shine in some of the Diwali lights. 

The bulk of the universe consists of dark matter.  The 100 billion galaxies each of which may have about 100 billion stars have not dispelled much of the darkness.  Is darkness the essence of the universe?  Is light a diversion granted to the cosmos like the fireflies that come and go in the wildernesses? 

If light was more abundant than darkness, perhaps Diwali would not have been celebrated.  Diwali is a reminder about the preponderance of darkness.  About the need to light up lamps. 

India is now passing through a period when both the light of Diwali and the plurality of its sustaining legends seem to matter more than ever.  When darkness threatens to overpower, Rama, Krishna and the Pandavas have to equip themselves with their lights.  Let their lights shine.  May Diwali become a meaningful festival that transcends the sound and fury of the fireworks. 

Wish you a HAPPY DIWALI.

Written for Indispire Edition 90 #changingdiwali


  1. I wish such noble souls would've been in existence today! The world is in such dire need of them. Happy Diwali!

    1. Kaliyug is not to be blessed with much nobility!

      Wish you too the joys and blessings of the festival.

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  3. A terse beautiful post. Diwali wishes to you and family.

  4. A thoughtful and thought-provoking post!

  5. True.....there is more darkness and hence the need for light......Wishing you a very Happy Diwali......:)

    1. Wish you too and your dear ones. Have a joyful festival filled with its real blessings.


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