Friday, September 9, 2016

Handicap is in the mind

Handicap is in the mind.  Arunima Sinha is one of the many individuals who have proved that right.

When she was 23, Arunima was attacked by thieves in a running train and pushed out.  The train that whizzed past on the next track ran over her leg which was amputated.  The police in Incredible India made a theory that she had tried to commit suicide.  She had to fight the pain of her physical handicap and the more terrible pain of the mental agony thrown in gratuitously by the police.

Being a sportswoman must have helped her.  She was a volleyball player.  She decided to face the challenges, both physical and mental.  She decided to conquer the Everest with the prosthetic leg that her doctors would provide.

A dream and full confidence in yourself.  That’s the secret of success.  She had already conquered the Everest the moment the dream was born inside her because she had the confidence in herself that she could make her dream real.

Two years after the accident, Arunima Sinha became the first woman with a prosthetic leg to conquer Mount Everest.  “I have little patience for wonders of faith, destiny, kismet and the like. We chart our own destiny. It is my firmest conviction that luck will favour those who have the drive and the tenacity to win.”  Arunima said later.

Recently Arunima was in news for conquering Indonesia’s highest peak, Carstensz Pyramid, which is tough to climb because of the rain forest and the terrain.  Between the Everest and Carstensz Pyramid, Arunima’s dream took her to the peaks of Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Kosizko in Australia and Aconcagua in Argentina.

It’s your grit that matters.  Destiny will bow before you if you have the grit.  Handicap is in the mind, not in the body.


  1. Life on earth is as simple as two lines'know what you are and learn how to conquer yourself as you are your greatest enemy'. Being practical many of them fails to conquer fear,which draws them back. Leaen to make mistakes before making it correct. Care about what you feel of yourselves. Learn from mistakes and then you can be invincible.

  2. I have always been complaining till date about the injustices against women. But lately likes like Arunima opened my eyes to the reality that its the mind that matters. I would love to read her story

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  4. That is nicely said.Handicap is in the mind not i the body.

  5. Dear Sir.
    Very well said, Handicap is in the mind. Infact each and every experience of our life is experienced by us, through our mind.Human mind is itself a dynamic creation, which has tremendous power and can do miracles.So we just need to use the potential of our mind.
    People like Arumina has done it. Vo zindigi hi kya, jisme koi Namumkin khwab na hoo.
    Salute to Arunima and her dreams.

  6. :/ Such an inspiring person. I feel so bad now for being so lazy.. Appreciating things before they are snatched away from you is a must.

  7. I read about her sometime back too, she is indeed an inspiration to many!

  8. Well said Sir, I agree on this.


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