Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gomukh and all

When I took up my present job in Delhi at the age of 41, leaving my previous job in a romantic place like Shillong, what I really wanted was a nice place to live and enough money too.  It didn’t take me much time to find the present place and job which fulfilled both conditions.  An excellent campus (a school) with more greenery than most schools in Delhi can afford. 
What Providence (I am an agnostic, please) gave me was better than what I had expected.  A green campus, enough place to move around even in the kitchen of the accommodation that was provided, and – best of all – a cool environment all along the scooter ride from where the city ends (Chattarpur).  I used to love those scooter rides.  Even my wife did!
That was 11 years ago.  Today, I wouldn’t like to go out of the campus.  The moment I step out it’s the devil of a dust that greets me anywhere.  Gone are the days of a nice environment.  The environment has been killed.  The marble industry took over the road from Chattarpur to Fatehpur Beri.  Industrialists of other hues too grew in stature – by-products.  Too many cars ply on the road now.  For the sake of those cars the roads are constantly under repair.  Dust is a by-product and it does not affect those who sit in air-conditioned cars.
The area is becoming DEVELOPED. That’s important.  Development is important.  Otherwise the government will fall.
Where do I go from development?
I am going to the Himalayas.  No, I’m not going to ascend Mount Everest at this age.  Nor am I going to become some Nirmal Swami. 
I am going to Gomukh (13,200 ft).  For a trek with a few of my students.  Granted by my school.  As a gift for my services.
The next blog will be after I return (rejuvenated) from Gomukh.


  1. I have been to Gomukh . Thats because its enroute to the Shivalinga peak. The best part is that even if you manage to get a dip in the bone-chilling glacier at Gomukh, you wont fall sick probably because the microorganisms cant live at such high altitudes. But the locals have even attached some story with it.
    I am happy for you. The trek especially from Bhojbasa to Gomukh is very scenic. Though sir, I should warn you that rain might play spoil sport and make the way slippery.

    Enjoy sir!

  2. All the best, Matheikal. I am sure that you will enjoy the trek,though I understand that Gomukh itself has become a disappointment and it is hard to believe that it could be the source of Ganga.

  3. Bon Voyage Matheikal! I second Aditi as a good number of my friends have been to Gomukh and I hear it from them too. Nevertheless, compared to dusty hot plains it sure will be a heaven! Enjoy the divine mother nature:)

  4. Have a great trip. I look forward to hearing about the trek.

  5. Now, I am sure to get a poetic description of the last 18 or so kilometers. I, along with my wife, went up to Gangotri but could not muster up the courage to go up to Gomukh though we had planned for it.

    Now I will know what I missed.



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