Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tribute to Chavez

Satan stood here yesterday,
The smell of gun powder lingers still…

You dared to utter those words
in the UN General Assembly just a day after
George W Bush had spoken donning the garb
of the world’s moral police commissioner.

Bush’s America, as did his predecessors’
as well as his successors’,
promised prosperity to all.
But you delivered it at least to the people of your country.
            You had a vision
                        Your life was a mission
            The world stands in need of many leaders like you.

You showed how a nation’s resources
can be used for the welfare of all the people
unlike the American vision of amassing it for a select few
leaving the rest to scramble for crumbs...

When cancer ate into your being
you accused America of conspiring to spread cancer
among the socialist leaders in Latin America.
After all, Paraguay’s president Fernanado Lugo,
Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff as well as Lula da Silva,
were all diagnosed with cancer.
Fortunately Argentine Kirchner’s cancer turned out to be false diagnosis...
You had reason to suspect American conspiracy.
After all, as you pointed out,
America had infected the people of Guatemala with syphilis
for the sake of medical experimentation!
Why not infect socialists with cancer?

Who knows what America did really?

In you, the world has lost a bright star,
             a red star,
            a revolutionary light.


  1. He for sure was a great leader.
    May his soul rest in peace.

    The world has lost a bright star - So true !!

    1. Latin America has some excellent leaders, Aram. Fidel Castro is another leader whom I admire.

  2. I do not how you remember Pol Pot of Cambodia. As per what NoamChomsky says he was forced to become ruthless by the global powers of that age. Well, in the case of Chavez, he wiggled out of similar attempts, including a coup attempt. Whatever he did for his people, he did it in the face of adversity.

    More power to Venezuelans!


    1. Yes, Raghuram, Chavez came from a very poor family and was educated by his grandmother. He overcame a serious attack, as you point out.

      May the Venezuelans get another good leader!

  3. Never knew about him in such detail before his death! Great person. Great loss for humanity!

    1. Most of our media belong to right wing groups and hence they won't give due importance to the leftist leaders. Latin America's socialism is a serious threat to America's capitalism. And America counters it with many things including propaganda. The leaders of Latin America are shown as villains.


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