Saturday, January 31, 2015

Words are Ghosts

Words lost their souls and turned into ghosts
            that haunted the pulpits and public places.
The King is a great orator who conjures up
            paradises of soulless words and gimmicks.

Verbal ghosts are hungry for blood
            that was shed in the dark alleys of bygone days.
They travel on witches’ brooms between
            Rama’s Treta yuga and the Mahatma’s Kali yuga,
Their forked tongues spitting poison
            presumed as nectar by fortune-seekers,
            the sexless witches impotent to make love.

They make war,
They make places of worship,
Where the gods are always hungry,
            creatures of infinite hunger,
            they swallow love and truth;
They are gods of words,
            words turned ghosts,
                        ghosts that haunt a nation.


  1. Hope we make better use of words. So that we have friendly ghosts to better our nation :)

    1. A better nation can be created with words provided the speaker has a vision.:)

  2. Words used in proper way can avoid swords. Thanks for sharing a word on words :)

    1. Words are the tools of the human species. Civilised if

  3. These days words haunt me the most. Words have gone diabolic in today's world. They can kill.

    1. Words can heal too. My dream is for that India which Tagore described: "where words come from the depth of the heart."

    2. People from my generation (mostly) speak some random rubbish all the time. They speak I don't know what and why. Sometimes,I get a headache. If people are getting to these levels I don't know when Tagore's words would get realized.

    3. I understand that, Namrata. I'm sometimes shocked by the behaviour of some of my own students: more by the arrogance than the ignorance.

  4. I like the lines 'Verbal ghosts are hungry for blood' best.

    1. Ignorance fed by our leaders coupled with instinctive hatred is the cause of bloodthirst.


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