Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fallen and Free

When the wind played with the mulberries outside my transient residence

The wind played among the foliage
Bringing down the mulberries prematurely.
The wind comes from the heavens
Where games are cosmic and frolicsome.

Give me a Sougandhikam, bring me the delight;
But I’m no Draupadi and there’s no Bhima in sight.
Some quests are fated to die before they’re blessed,
Some quests are obliged to clash with other quests.

The mulberries seemed infinite in their potential
And sprouted more and more fruits the very next day.
The wind whispered in cosmic frolic:
“When everything is lost, is real freedom found.”

Note: Draupadi saw a Sougandhikam accidentally fallen at her feet and demanded more such flowers.  Bhima, ever happy to please her, went to fetch them.  He crossed mountains and forests and reached Kadalivana, abode of Hanuman.  


  1. I completely agree with this: “When everything is lost, is real freedom found.”

    1. Fear and attachments keep us from achieving what we are really capable of...


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