Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What do people want?

Conduct a survey on what people want and you may be surprised to find that god(s) don’t figure in the list of choices.  People don’t want god(s). They want:

1.     Happiness
2.     Money
3.     Freedom
4.     Peace
5.     Joy
6.     Balance
7.     Fulfilment
8.     Confidence
9.     Stability
10.            Passion

This is a list of things that people want, in that order of priorities, according to a survey conducted by Kathy Caprino, a leadership trainer and apparently a feminist, and whose results have been published here. The choices may change if a similar survey is conducted in India.  Food, house, clothes, and other basic necessities like toilets may figure in the list in Indian surveys.  I’m sure god(s) won’t. 

Conduct the survey in China (most populated country) or Pakistan (apparently most religious country) or Qatar (the wealthiest country currently) and you will still get similar results. God(s) won’t figure in people’s choices.

My question is: Why do we have so many people fighting for god(s) in spite of the fact that people don’t want them (gods)?


  1. For some God is not a choice. Given a choice, people always go for tangiblities which give them emotional upliftment. But for some god is not a choice.

    1. Not for "some" but for most God is not a choice, I know. People accept whatever is given to them by the systems. That's the pity.

  2. May be because they are looking for something else in god's name...

    1. That's the truth. Money and power are easy to acquire with god's help!

  3. For many people, happiness and misery happen because of God. No matter what their choices be, God is always playing a role behind-the-scenes, because he is deeply rooted in his subconscious mind.

    1. Yes, it's almost impossible to liberate ourselves from our gods.


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