Thursday, February 23, 2017

Divine Conundrums

Rao and his wife appeasing the gods

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao’s faith in God is a highly expensive affair for his people.  His latest offering at Tirupati Venkateshwara Temple amounts to gold worth Rs 5.6 crore.  Earlier too he made similar weighty offerings at various other temples.  He is rewarding God for making the state of Telangana a reality. 

If any individual wants to give away his/her wealth to anyone for any cause, it is his/her personal affair.  But Rao is throwing the money from the state exchequer into the temple coffers.  The taxpayers’ money is supposed to be used for the people’s welfare.  If the people of Telangana share their CM’s faith that throwing money into divine repositories is going to ensure their welfare, may God save them.  Otherwise they should question the misuse of their money.

Rao is rewarding God for creating the new state. If God is going to do all such things, then what is human endeavour for?  All we need to do is to sit in the temples, sing bhajans, promise kilograms of gold to the presiding deity and then leave it to God to create new roads and bridges for us, to heal our diseases, to educate our children, or whatever. 

Rao is making a mockery of human endeavour.  He is strangling man’s honest quests to understand and grapple with life’s inevitable conundrums. But he is likely to get away with it because gods are involved.  That is a more serious conundrum.


  1. It sounds so wrong. As I was reading it, I was just thinking, I'm sure not many people would have a problem with giving the state's money to god.

    You are so right -- when gods are involved people get away with a lot of things and that's not just politicians, even the people we deal with on a daily basis.


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