Each truth, each lie,
Die in unjudging love. [Dylan Thomas, ‘This Side of the Truth’]

What matters is not truth,
nor falsehood,
but your heart, my beloved.
The galloping horse has a truth
whose rhythm resonates
with the beats of your heart
unlike the infinite truths in the dictionary.
Definitions are too definite,
teetering on the edges of graves
that hold your sighs and mine.
Let us bury definitions
and resurrect our sighs,
our truths.
Immortal truths.

PS. Written for In(di)spire Edition 227: #Poem

I was delighted to get the following review of my e-book, Life's Magic.

´Life´s Magic´ by Tomichan Matheikel has an international flair to it. Tomichan aces the game like a veteran. His insights range from literature, philosophy, religion, spirituality, science, art and politics. ´Life´s Magic´ is a book that I personally believe should get published in print. I hope the author writes more such inspiring gems. It would be interesting to see Tomichan Matheikel become a motivational speaker given his prolific knowledge, wisdom and offbeat insights. [Tina Sequeira]

Read the entire review here


  1. Love mystic, have you become!

    1. Possibly. The other day while discussing with a student of mine who is a staunch supporter of BJP I said, "Leave that hatred, my boy, and join me; I'll teach you the lessons of love."


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