Beef Janata Party

One of the communities I like and follow on Facebook is Beef Janata Party. Though its sidebar proclaims “Just for Fun”, it isn’t fun at all. It is a consistent, devoted and knowledgeable resistance to what the Right wing in India is doing. It has a good share of friends and followers: 270,149 people like the community and 273,606 follow it. The comments that appear below their posts show that there is a sizeable section of people in India who are frustrated with Narendra Modi’s governance.

Beef Janata Party does not launch cheap attacks on anyone. They are serious about their mission which ostensibly is to make people aware of the mendacity and duplicity of the Right wing in the country. It questions all forms of falsehood, chicanery and assaults on citizens. It mocks silly claims made by the so-called Modi bhakts.

Beef Janata Party has a mission and a vision. It is a concerted effort to cleanse the political atmosphere in the country of hatred and malice. It exposes falsehood, mocks goofiness and affirms justice and fairness. They highlight worthwhile write-ups from sources of an enviable variety. Every weapon from satire to hard hit finds a place in the Beefunists’ arsenal.

Below are some of their recent posts on Facebook:


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