Writer’s Dilemma

I don’t feel like writing these days. No, it’s not the writer’s block. It’s a kind of disgust I’m beginning to feel towards what’s happening in my country. Honest people are being arrested and put behind the bars. Or they are harassed in different ways like raids or political repression. Goodness has no place in this country anymore, it looks like. An Empire of Evil has established itself firmly and unassailably.

Such things have happened in the past too in many countries. But what is alarming in India is the majority support to the Empire of Evil. Quite a lot of people are convinced that this is the right way of governing the country. They think that certain sections of the population deserve to be eliminated. They are convinced that the end justifies the means.  

Worse, they think that it’s not at all evil; they are convinced that this is a holy war, a crusade, on ‘evils’ such as secularism and freedom of expression. They justify everything from the marauding hikes of petroleum products and almost everything else to the murders of innocent people in various forms of public assaults like lynching.

Who is a friend and who an enemy in this country? If you question the Empire of Evil, the supporters of the Empire hate you for obvious reasons and the victims of the Evil also hate you out of cowardice.

Shall I go into a self-imposed exile? I ask myself. A political system which masterfully subverts justice and uses the taxpayer’s money to defend bullies and criminals is not the place for honest writers.


  1. Take a break from political writings. May be you have gotten too involved. Take deep breaths, forget about the politics or anything happening in the country and write about your imaginations. The idea of your perfect world, a positive piece :)

    1. True. I was thinking in similar lines. But it's a little difficult to detach myself from the reality around. Shall give it a try nevertheless.


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