Saturday, May 9, 2020

Little Things, Big Joys

A cloud crouching in the yonder sky
over a scorched field on a summer evening
filled the peasant with more joy
than the Burj Khalifa fountain
gave to the ennui-filled tourist.

The child’s elation on seeing the mother return home,
The squirrel’s rush on spotting a nut among the blades of grass,
The joy of the hawk whose mate call gets a response,

The ecstasy of the surging tide on splashing violently against the sprawling beach,
Da Vinci’s smile when the hammer hits a chromatic scale on his chosen block of marble,

The sparkle of the dew on the morning’s tender leaf,
The steam of the mint-tea in the evening’s armchair,
Your smile as the day dies with a sigh of relief,
The froth of soda in the iced whisky
As the rain drummed madly a frenetic orchestra
On the windows and the trees beyond.


  1. Little things are always a source of immense joy, only if one is willing to pause during the journey and smell the many fragrances of those little things.
    Nice one, you have here.

  2. Trying to figure out which is the best line in this composition... is it the peasant joy of finding solace in a vast field or the child's joy or my favorite...the sparkling dew or the steamy mint tea or frothy soda? Ahh, big joys in little things

    1. It isn't difficult to discover joy around us. I'm glad you liked this really much. Your comment is spilling with that joy.

  3. Little things indeed bring immense joy, sometimes at unexpectedly. Beautiful verse.

  4. Replies
    1. And they mean more than the greater ones if we understand.

  5. Beautifully penned. Indeed little things bring us joy.

  6. This was beautiful to read. Makes me linger after each line, taking the time to feel that joy. Simply loved it. <3