Monday, April 1, 2013

The Leader Matters

Courtesy The Hindu

Many civilisations have legends or mythical stories about rulers whose immorality caused disasters such as drought in the kingdom.  What such stories sought to underscore was the importance of a good ruler.  A ruler (leader) who lacks the qualities that should go with his/her position is sure to bring some calamity or the other on the people.

The calamity need not assume the form of a natural disaster.  In fact, it seldom does.  Hitler’s concentration camps were no more natural disasters than were the mass disappearances of dissenters during Stalin’s reign.  The communal riots that rocked Gujarat in 2002 were not natural reactions to the Godhra incident, much as Narendra Modi would like us to believe. 

That’s why Modi’s election to BJP’s parliamentary board is a matter of serious concern.  The election of one of Modi’s major accomplices, Amit Shah, as a general secretary throws much light on the direction in which the party is trundling along. 

Whether Mohan Bhagwat’s call on the same day for the construction of a “glorious” Ram Mandir at Ayodhya is directly related to the election of Modi and Shah is not perhaps very obvious.  But it is more likely to be related.  Because a leader always inspires like minds.

If I were an astrologer I’d straightaway predict a communal riot in the country before the next Lok Sabha elections.  Because leaders like Modi are destined to bestow disasters upon the land that is condemned to suffer their leadership.  And communalism is the Hydra-headed virus  that fills Modi’s arsenal. 

Modi is acclaimed as a leader who brought development  to his state.  Two questions arise immediately: (i) is the development as glorious as it is projected to be?  and (ii) was it not possible to bring the development without displacing, murdering and/or raping hundreds of people belonging to a particular religious community?

Why does the Modi brand of development have to reek of hatred and blood?  Can India afford such riots as the one Modi’s henchmen unleashed in his state?

Another pertinent question is whether these political tricks will yield any more the results desired by the party?  Historian and former professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi), Harbans Mukhia, writes in today’s Hindu (1 April 2013) [Saffron’s diminishing returns] that the 1991 rath yatra followed by the demolition of the Babri masjid was actually counterproductive for BJP in UP, MP and Rajasthan.  Will the people of India now accept the Modi brand of politics is only an elementary question.

The real question is what if Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India.  Modi has no ideology.  He only has an ambition.  Once his ambition is fulfilled when (and if) he ascends the throne of Indraprastha, he may shake hands with the leaders of the religious communities which he let his followers displace, murder and/or rape (though he may not go to the extent of donning their headgears).  The most pertinent question will be: what will be the aftertaste that he leaves in the social horizon of the country in spite of all the hypocrisy that he will be capable of displaying on public platforms?  Will he be able to wash away the stench of hatred and heal the pain of bereavement?  Or will all Indians be forced to wear Modi-masks?


  1. As the saying goes, Delhi is too far! With Modi in, the game just got interesting!


    1. Perhaps, yes, it will only be another interesting game.

  2. Hunooz Dilli dur ast. BJP is no different from that box of crabs without lid. There will be enough attempts to dislodge Modi from the pedestal he is aspiring. The shrewd central leadership of BJP will use Modi for his skills as a crowd puller and electoral strategist and then at last minute pull the carpet under his feet, in the name of Raj Dharma and Coalition Dharma...
    Not to forget there are a minimum of 7 other PM candidates in BJP...

    1. You're right, there are too many PM aspirants in the party and all are expert players. But the way Modi is gaining strength in the party is quite disconcerting.

  3. Lets see. BJP is far for being getting elected and anyways Secular Congress is no Good.WORST UPA...

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    1. In most ways we may find no difference between one party and another. Maybe we can give Kejriwal and his party a chance. My problem with BJP is their politicisation of history. When Congress indulges in vote bank politics it uses communities for a particular objective and nothing more. When BJP politicises history it vitiates hearts, it makes enemies of people. There's a big difference.

  4. After reading all this imaginative emotional piece without any supporting facts I have only one question for you. Do you pledge that you will vote for Modi if there are no communal riots before General Elections in 2014??

    1. When you see me as a mere "imaginative emotional piece" writer who has no "facts" to "support" how will my answer matter to you, Prateek bhai?

    2. It does. Because then you might understand that the coming elections wont be fought in conventional ways that we have seen in last 60 years. The emotional "Vote for me because my father and grandfather worked for the poor" or "Vote for me because others are communal".

      Because then you might really understand that the main agenda of elections will be development and not communal division which u imagine to be.

      And finally you might understand that Modi is nowhere connected to the likes of VHP and ABVP. Infact in Gujarat he has taken a tough stand, putting aside politics, against both which is not the case in the rest of the country.

      Anyways, a question to a question is not a good reply sir. My question stands still.

      Since, u r being followed by so many on your blog and get so many views u should tell them that what will u do when u end up being wrong and irresponsibly spreading lies and fear about a person just because u imagined a few events of future??

      Will u apologise and vote for the same person who stand correct?? Tell me

    3. Ha ha ha. I can take a joke, bhaiyya.

    4. Hahaha.. So much for criticizing all the politicians for no accountability and then behaving the same way.. I hope you get into elections this time sir.. U can very well continue the current brand of politicians.. Gdluck.. :)

      And apologies if I had just asked the wrong questions which made you think rather than imagining..

    5. Hey, you really serious about this? I couldn't imagine it.

      Anyway, if you're really bothered I suggest you read up a bit Mr Modi, apparently your hero.

      If you simply google "matheikal modi" you will get all the articles I have written about the man called Narendra Modi.

      Let me quote from the most recent issue of Tehelka in which Shoma Chaudhury writes, Modi is "an (PM) aspirant who fills every television screen. He is decisive and is capable of muscular oratory. But he has absolutely no qualms about public scandal either. A thousand Muslims died on his watch, but he will not regret it; talk of corruption swirls around his state but he refuses to appoint a Lokayukta. He grants arbitrary largesse to corporate cronies and cooks up figures at will for his speeches. His officers conspire and kill. He lives by one mantra: power is his birthright and he will have it." [Tehelka, Issue 35, Vol 10, 31 Aug 2013, p.1]

      If you want to see evidence of Modi's complicity in the Gujarat riots see Tehelka issues of Vol 8, Issue 9 (5 March 2011) and Vol 8, Issue 6 (12 Feb 2011). For more do a little research. Objective knowledge is not rare and never really harmful.

    6. I hate to enter in such a debate with a senior person like you sir. But ignorance has no age and no limits.

      Last I checked Tehleka wasn't a court of law in this country. If they have so much evidence why hasn't Shoma Chaudhry gone to court and dragged Narendra Modi to gallows? Any thoughts?

      Let alone Shoma or Tehelka why is ther no case against NaMo in any court of this country? Now tell me, after all your intellectual posts that I read here, do you believe in the Judicial system of this country? Or you believe in the age old kangaroo courts and lynching of the accused that you THINK is guilty?

      Secondly, please go through this piece below. From Outlook (its not Tehleka so hope u consider it credible).

      You will get the figures of how many riots have occurred under Non-NaMo governments since independence. Unfortunately, its nothing new for india and people amongst us need to be educated, learn and understand the importance of communal harmony throughout the country. Gujarat was no exception and to single out only 2002is a sheer hypocrisy.

      Please read below about the Assam riots in 2012.

      I don't see you demanding resignation and gallows for Tarun Gogoi? Why? Because there is no dossier from Tehleka on this? Tell me sir?

      In Gujarat in 2002 the total victims were - 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus. How come "communal Modi" allowed Hindus getting killed?? I am exited to read your thoughts now.

      Thirdly, about lokayukta. Read this (again not Tehleka, sorry) -

      You can get all the events that unfolded in appointing lokayukta and I hope sense prevails when u derive conclusions.

      Lastly, to all my above arguments I am sure you would have decided the reply that other riots are not a justification of 2002 OR I am not supporting Congress, they are also communal etc. etc.

      But here is my point to ur would-be reply. As a learned person you know that a political party doesn't just rises to National stage in any country within days. It takes years and decades. So, till 2014 there won't be any magic and there will not be any other major party than CON and BJP.

      If I, just to show myself as an "intellectual", curse both of them and keep finding faults without giving a third alternative myself (since I am not contesting elections in 2014) it would serve the purpose of the incumbent which is, I hope ull agree, the most spineless and leaderless govt till date.

      A UPA3 will destroy this nation. And my act of preaching evil in every option that I have will make this country fall in hands of dynasty again. May be in 2019 or next elections we might get a viable third option.

      But for now choose the best that has proven track record of good governance and economics.

    7. I think u should read this. It shows the reality of the Tehelka sources u trust in



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