Thursday, September 26, 2013

Seventh Pay Commission

Keep paying taxes
The Seventh Pay Commission has been set up.  How many Indians will benefit?  About 50 lakh central government employees and 30 lakh pensioners.  That is, 80 lakh or 0.80 crore people of a country whose population is 123 crore. 

Not even one percent of Indians will benefit by the Pay Commission for which all Indians who buy soaps and tooth pastes will pay the taxes. 

Who wants the Pay Commission? 

Except those who will vote for the government that will set up the Commission and pay it an enormous amount which is paid from the money got from you and me in the form of taxes of various types?

Except  those who will use the Pay Commission as the Archimedean lever to raise their own salaries and thus get rid of those who have no voice?

What does the Pay Commission mean to the 123 crore Indians (minus the 0.8 crore)?

Inflation and price rise.

And more work!

Let us get ready to pee according to orders J                                          


  1. Indeed this Pay Commission is just a trap to get the Votes from the Central Government Employee because apart from them no one will get benefit...

  2. It is indeed part of the vote bank politics. What will it achieve apart from securing the votes of the beneficiaries and their dependents? It will shoot up prices. Every Pay Commission has done just that. And the price rise affects all Indians whereas less than one percent of Indians directly derive the benefits of the Commission!

  3. It is a devilish trick played by Congress to get votes in short term while putting more burden on alreadfy fiscally strained economy. Also, the onus / blame of implementing (or not) will go to the next govt in power. Pure evil. I must say.

    1. The sad reality is that the prices of everything including the rent of accommodation for the homeless will be affected by Pay Revision which actually benefits a tiny minority. Yet there should be a way of enhancing every employee's wages. What about the vast majority of employees who work in the private sector?

  4. Replies
    1. Thankjs, Rajneesh. I'm happy that Rahul Gandhi has come out on behalf of those who are looking forward to a less corrupt govt.


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