Saturday, May 17, 2014


“Clean my toilet,” said principal to peon in the India Public School.

“I’m a peon,” asserted the peon.

“Narendra Modi is our Prime Minister, you know,” said the principal menacingly.  “You have to obey now.”

“I choose to quit.”  The peon was very proud of his caste profession.

The peon resigned.  “Dignity of labour,” he gave reason.

And he became a toilet cleaner in Mona Towers built on land taken over from farmers by Namo Builders and Developers in collaboration with the USA. 

The only problem now is that he doesn’t know how to convert dollars into Indian rupees.  J


  1. Our personality is clad in such images. It is really difficult to be a person sans images. But may it not be false ones all the times. Let it be something with which we are consistently comfortable.

    1. Personality changes according to the person in power for most people, M. Have you noticed how newspapers and TV channels which used to be critical of Modi have now started singing paeans to him now?

      What I have presented in the post is something that actually happened partly. We can expect many more such incidents. A lot of people became victims in Hitler's Germany and Modi is the contemporary Hitler. Let time disprove me.

      I have already been warned not to be "vocal" by one of the readers. A former student of mine wrote in FB that my use of the word "propaganda" for what Modi did with Rs10,000 crore for paid news items is wrong because the word "has negative connotations"... We can see fascism on the rise. Just wait and watch.

  2. it is too early for biased conclusions! I'll give him a chance.

    In the media it happens all the time.

    1. I will give him as many chances as he wants. Do we have a choice anyway? :)


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