Monday, May 12, 2014

The Eagle of Orchha

Orchha lies 15 km away from Jhansi.  While Jhansi is in Uttar Pradesh, Orchha is in Madhya Pradesh.  Tourists probably don’t take interest in Orchha which has nothing much to offer except what is known as Jahangir Mahal.  

I happened to reach Orchha by destiny.  Purely by destiny.  There's much I have to say about that destiny. Destiny can wait.  Like history. 

In the meanwhile, here is a picture of the eagle I captured from the Jahangir Mahal at Orchha.

It may be difficult to see the eagle.  Its body merges with the structure of the "temple".  

I zoomed my camera lens.  And the pic is below. 

Is the eagle of Orchha real?

I started writing this blog with the caption "The dumbness of Orchha" and then changed it.  Because I can't express all that I saw in Orchha within a few words.   

Orchha taught me much.  But give me some time to write about it, please.  

In the meanwhile, let me say I turned a bourgeois after reaching Orchha because I couldn't afford to take any risk.  A pic of me in a bourgeois restaurant at Orchha.

Oh me  !
More is to follow.
This is just the beginning. 


  1. Interesting prelude to another post. Nice captures.

  2. The eagle has finely blended itself with the temple..

    Waiting for your next post on Orchha..

  3. Orchha is a great place with lot to see.

  4. :) Interesting journey this.

  5. I had been to Orchha on my way back from Khajuraho some 17 years back.
    Your foreword makes me curious!

  6. I am about to read your next post now. :D

  7. People should be bourgeois once in a while. They should get rich, enjoy luxuries so that they know in the end that that isn't the answer to life.

  8. The caption of the last pic could read: "I happened to reach Orchha by destiny. Purely by destiny."


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