Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Old man.  Still going around grabbing. Grabbing both girls and land.

Does he look holy?

Just look at his face.  I have taken this photo from today's Hindu newspaper.

The latest report on him from that newspaper: Panel to look into Asaram's "illegal" ashram in Ridge area.

I'm looking for a Baba who can give me some holiness!  Hahaha... But I'm not joking!

Just search the internet and you will get umpteen such reports about Babas and Modis.  Good nexus.

Good Holiness, I mean.

Goodness Heavens!

How many of us will survive in the world of such holiness?

Are we creating another Hitler in the form of Modi?

I'm not going to post all the links on Modi's verbal assaults on people.  A simple Google search will give you all those.

Modi and his Babas will reign.  How long, but?

As long as we (I mean WE, the people) choose.

I'm not saying that Modi supported the Babas.  I'm saying that the Babas created Modis.

Joke.  Hahaha.

Laughter is Power


  1. In school, we were being taught about elections in Civics. We, students, went on saying that there is no right / good person to choose.
    Our teacher said, "It is about choosing bad from worse, if there's no one good"
    So 2 questions-
    1. Who will be chosen?
    2. How 'bad' will he be?

    1. Nimi, I understand we have to be "practical" which means we cannot afford to be idealistic. It boils down to saying what your civics teachers said: Democracy is choosing the lesser evil. But which is the lesser evil? Is Modi an evil lesser than Dr Manmohan Singh?

    2. The most difficult question right now.
      First thing, was Dr Manmohan Singh really ever running the government?
      In any case, now it is Rahul Gandhi v/s Narendra Modi.
      I also like to include Mr Kejriwal - a dream, but we are lucky it's a possible dream today. I am hopeful that common man won't feel as hesitant to enter politics now, as it has always been, thanks to Mr Kejriwal.
      Who's the lesser evil? I don't know. I can argue about it for hours - I do at times :) But I don't have an answer still. Do you?

  2. I hate that bastard baba. Pardon my bad language.

    1. It's not just him, Namrata. If he was a singular case I would have ignored him. Most Babas who live luxurious lives today are frauds. The other day Hindustan Times carried a report about another Baba near my school who has encroached on 123 acres of forest land. What about Ramdev? Do you think he is honest?

  3. Actually most of the holy men are very unholy now a days...

  4. Linguistically correct usage is "His Holeness.."

    1. Amen to that. But I wonder why lakhs of people follow that holeness.

    2. I was in Delhi recently (around a month back). Outside his 'ashram' there were a long line of parked cars (as usual) and a big crowd too (again as usual). I felt very sad and disturbed. People still follow him, obviously.

  5. You are still on about Modi :D I guess, you can write an encyclopedia against Modi :D

    1. BTW, did you watch Modi's nearly 1.5 hour interview with Arnab Goswami on Times Now on May 8th? You would have got answers to lot many of your political questions straight from the horse's mouth. :)


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