Saturday, July 26, 2014


An eagle I saw in Orcha a few months back

I fly, I fly high, I fly very high,
Heights are in my genes,
My eyrie is on the cliff
With no egg waiting to hatch.

Eagle’s eggs are eaten by scavenging crows.

They descend, the crows descend,
And feed on the maggots that breed on the garbage
Thrown by you people all over what you call civilisation –
In the backyard of the plaza or the foreground of Gaza.

The carrion of your civilisation nauseates me.                    
I cannot lay eggs anymore.
My bones shrink at the sight of your city.
I’ll be the missing link between man and humanity.

I’ll die in my eyrie one day
Without any egg to hatch,
Without offspring,
Without grief.

My unlaid egg is waiting for the Darwinian mutation
in my eyrie

where scavenging crows strive to ascend.


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoyed it. And welcome to this space.

  2. It talks about a lot of things. I am very least aware of this but after reading this I feel that eagle's population is at risk. Also your poem questions the human civilization. Oh yes... We have made living unfit for every other being. And this time it's rhyming... :) :D

    1. A lot of things, yes, Namrata. That seems to be my nemesis. I cannot focus on one thing. I guess we cannot simplify anything by reducing the complexity ...

      Rhyming? I wasn't aware of it. Thanks for pointing out.

  3. Humans and their evergrowing population.. sometimes I feel all other kinds of NGOs should be converted to population control organisations all around the world n esp. India. Your poem is nice and convey the point strongly..

    1. You raise a wonderful point about NGOs. We have too many of them in India. A few of them could become a little more useful, no doubt.

  4. I never even gave a thought about crows eating eagles eggs, this simply shows even the smallest of kind can be dangerous..nice poem :)

    1. Crows don't actually eat eagles' eggs, Najim. I was being metaphorical. Exaggeration of truth: poetic license, you see.

  5. good poem Tomichan. And isn't the pic that of a vulture?

    1. Could be, Anupam. Orcha is a place where vultures could find more natural habitats than eagles. I could be wrong. But I'm letting it be. This is a poem, you see :)

  6. It has such hidden meanings and depth.You are a great poet.Loved this one.

    1. Glad to hear that, Ankita. I'm not a great poet, I express certain deeply felt emotions...


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