Sunday, September 28, 2014

Real Power

Mata Amritanandamayi celebrated her birthday yesterday.  India's topmost leader (since PM is away in the States) sought her blessings.

Kerala Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy, did not want to be left behind in his own state.

Chandy knows how to smile even when the treasury is empty.  Mata's blessings.

Poor Jayalalithaa.  In spite of all the crores she had amassed and in spite of the additional 'a' in her name attached in obedience to the cosmic laws dictated by spiritual powers.  Prisoner number 7402. Did she miss out somewhere?  Like, she never bent down to touch anybody's feet?  She had an ego bigger than even politician is supposed to have?  Had she begun to see herself as a Mata when there are real Matas elsewhere ruling the roost?

Life is such fun in our days.  Politics is far more entertaining than Bigg Boss :)

Courtesy: All images from today's Malayala Manorama newspaper. 


  1. Very funny and also thoughtful post Tomichan..

  2. I hope many other politicians go to jail. Jayalalitha's crime is less in absolute term. Only 66 crore at 1995 rupee. So was Lalu and Rajiv Gandhi's crime. By contrast look at A Raja, Maran, Kalmadi. They have certainly improved the number. Evolution!

    1. True, Abhijit. It's a terrible scenario though I looked at it rather comically.

  3. I smiled throughout the post. Politics is indeed more entertaining than Bigg Boss.

  4. actually Big Boss can include all these politicians in their next season...

  5. One thing I don't understand about these illegal looters is that even after having enough for their needs and luxury, they accumulate so much and that illegally! Just because she has crores doesn't mean she can eat gold. She has to eat cooked meals anyway.


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