Friday, December 26, 2014

The politics of Bharat Ratna

Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Madan Mohan Malviya, both deserve the Bharat Ratna.  One is an eminent statesman and the other is a reputed freedom fighter.  Nevertheless there is something sinister about the motive.

Ever since the Modi government took charge there has been a concerted effort to distort history and manufacture a monolithic culture.  Sanskrit being forced upon certain students midway through an academic session and making the Christmas day a working day indirectly are just two examples.

The motive is clear: make India a nation of people believing in a single religion and possessing a single culture. It is neither possible nor desirable an objective. Majoritarianism is just another version of fascism.

At any rate, when pluralism has become a necessity in a globalized world why would India seek to eliminate diversity? Even more significantly, can all Indians really be Hindus? Should they?  Why?

The BJP already has much to answer.  It will soon have too much to answer, it seems.


  1. Ever since the Modi government took charge there has been a concerted effort to distort history..? Can you make it clear because most of us who believed in modi is thinking that he is saving our heritage, cultures and working for a development with spiritual values.
    I had voted first time and i am happy with, i know and i would be happy if Atalji refused to take this bharat ratna which became like filmfare during UPA, Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, VV Giri, MGR who not got? but you find it sinister because modi has announced two deserving personalities one from his pary other from his constituency, dear people like you might be leftist or pessimist for me and all who voted for bjp is feeling honored.
    I don't know whats wrong with seculars, please write a different post on religion then i will put my idiotic logics, now all i want to say is please dont find it sinister and feel the proud being Indian.

    1. Leftist, yes. When the pessimist says, "It can't get any worse," I say, "Cheer up, it sure can." So I am an optimist :) Cheers

  2. The title of this post is so misleading. Bharath Ratna has not been politicised...
    You could have instead highlighted the fact that December 25 2014 has been declared as Good Governance day despite the same being Christmas! This will arouse suspicion among the minority of the country. Imagine Indians who are christians instead of going for "mass" and decorating christmas trees,going to school (especially Christian Missionary Schools) and asking students to submit essays on Good Governance and working on other themes related to it..... That would be unwarranted.....Announcing good initiatives on declared public holidays are a no no!!
    Bharath Ratna has not been politicised........ It is sacred ........... Atalji and Malavya ji deserve it coz they were true patriots and great leaders........

    Try to Change your title pls........... Nothing political about Bharath Ratna.....

    1. Everything is grist to political mills. Mr Modi is no saint...

  3. It seems that you haved edited your post... lol..... you inserted this later "making the Christmas day a working day indirectly are just two examples" . Else why would i comment on something which you have referred to alreadyin your post....

    Everything is grist to political mills : is not what i expect from you as a defence. My contention is this: the title of the post. Bharath ratna has nothing to do with conversion or christianity etc. Bharath Ratna is a recognition given by the state........ state is permanent and governments are not......
    In this case its the gov which decided to impose good governance day on december 25 and they are in the wrong...... instead of constructively critisizing the gov. you are barking up the wrong tree by dragging bharath ratna into this... atrocious.

    Bharath ratna is given away not to assert hindutva sir... it has no hidden motives. Atal s name was suggested to previous govs... they just ignored him. since cong had monopolized nehru - gandhi names to themselves they had ignored other leaders of freedom movement..... malavya is one among them...
    Bharath Ratna is given away for a reason... All political parties welcomed the decision and never told anything derogatory about the choices.. then why are you comparing this move to majoritarianism...... try to edit your posts with these things tooo mr:
    sadhvi rithambharas comments, godse statues, plastic surgeries, nuke, stem cell reasearches during vedic period etc... these are outright stupid things and try to overshadow secular fabric.... atal and mmm were true patriots,,, they fought for the country and it doesnt matter whethere they were hindus , christians or muslims....... they loved their country. dont forget atal never gave free hand to sangh during his regime...........

    Please post constructive criticims alone............And try to admit mistakes. it will never belittle you ...... it will only enhance your stature...........

  4. Very well said sir. The same question has been going around in my head for quite some time now. And even though these two eminent men deserve the honour, it comes at a time that is unfortunate and misleading. But, th political rhetoric is clear. It is something to be feared and I don't think the people of India are going to be too happy about it.


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