Sunday, March 29, 2015

Deepika Padukone's Choice

I happened to come across this video by chance.  Loved it for its message, conveyed clearly and powerfully.  Though Ms Padukone is endorsing women empowerment, the message is applicable to all human beings and not just women alone.

Many years ago, another woman, Ayn Rand, made one of her characters say that the savages said, "Hands Up!" while the policy for the civilised world should be "Hands Off!"

"My body, my mind, my choice," says Deepika.  It should be so for everyone.

Why should anyone's mind or body be meddled with by anyone else?

Why should a priest or a fanatic assume that he has the right to impose his truth(s) on others?

Why should a political party decide the course that history should take, let alone the course it already took?

Why should anyone become the guardian of others' morality?

The most courageous act is thinking for yourself.  Aloud.

Do it.

PS. My last short story, The Devil has a Religion, is about how even men (not just women) are denied their choice over their body and mind.

PPS. This post is for adults.


  1. Very true! Totally agree, every choice and decision an individual makes, should be his/ her own! Great post!

    1. And yet the world extracts heavy prices sometimes for our choices!


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