Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Holy cows and unholy people

The Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) is being saffronised.  Two office bearers of RSS-backed Akhil Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Yojana (ABISY) and a former professor who unsuccessfully contested Lok Sabha elections in Manipur last year on a BJP ticket find place in the reconstituted team of ICHR. 

Maharashtra has become the ninth state in India to ban cow slaughter.  We can expect more additions to the list soon. 

The past as well as the future of the country is being altered.  History is written by the victor, as they say.  The destiny is also written by the victor.

The Deccan Chronicle says that the lives of about 20 lakh people will be adversely affected by the ban on beef in Maharashtra.  One assumes that is the ultimate purpose of the ban.  Hitler overtly killed his perceived enemies.  His counterparts in India do it without attracting the attention of other countries whose cooperation is required if the regime has to deliver its electoral promises.

The Holy Holstein
The best breeds of milch cows used in Indian dairies nowadays like the Jersey and the Holstein all had their origin in so-called Christian countries.  Are these 'Christian' varieties of cows holy in the Hindu India?  If they are, can the human beings whose religions originated beyond the borders be tolerated, if not considered holy?

A few days back, a leader of the Madhya Pradesh BJP suggested that Indians should be allowed to adopt tigers and lions as pets.  While we can admire the party’s passion for the feral and the wild, some of us at least may be left wondering why the party does not share at least a fraction of that passion when it has to deal with certain human beings.

But the answer to this must be evident enough.  If it is not, read the first paragraph once again.  Read between the lines. 



  2. would like to share another interesting read!!

    My nostalgia about meat was never about beef. That bloody piece of red meat wrapped inside the large teak leaves by the butcher was a rare thing to be brought home. We couldn’t afford it, unless of course for some sundays or festival days when it was cooked with plantain. And there used to be more pieces of plantain than beef in that curry

  3. Very sad. Shameful, secular India. India is walking backwards, no, running backwards.


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