I take the liberty to bring here four reviews of my book, The Nomad Learns Morality

Amit Agarwal, blogger and poet: “Brevity is the essence of this awesome work. The language is crisp ant curt. The extraneous details have been done away with and the reader cannot find an excuse to take a breath while reading, their deep interest is maintained throughout.”

Sunaina Sharma has neatly summed up each one of the stories in her review.  “The book is a collection of 33 stories that deal with topics ranging from mythology to religion, history and politics. The themes are vivid - faith, doubt, human fallacy, God's devise, divinity, morality, sin, facticity, fantasy, truth,  illusion and deception,” says Sunaina. 

“The author has probed deeper and, asks the questions which might have stirred every logical mind. The stories not only make you mull over harder on a few things but also help to come out of parochialism,” says Maniparna Sengupta

Sreesha Divakaran sums up: “… all the stories in the book, in subtle ways, question morality as we know it, what we have been taught as “right” or “moral.” 

To buy the book from the Publisher: CLICK HERE


PS. When I requested my publishers to offer discount on the book, they accused me of meddling with their professional expertise.  They seem to be very interesting people.  Wish you a nice experience with them.

PPS. It is only after I posted this my attention was drawn to Lata Subramanian's beautiful blog about my book.  With pride, I present the link to her post: A Letter to Fellow Nomads.


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