Tuesday, January 19, 2016

No Salvation, sonny!


One of the many well-wishers I have managed to gather along the way, much against my wish, sent me the above video a little while ago via Whatsapp.  Having watched it, I replied to my well-wisher: "I agree with him (the speaker in the video) totally.  But my experience: those who preach love are the greatest peddlers of hatred.  Or they are self-righteous and want to reform others.  And ruin many in the process." [I don't know anything about the speaker in the video and my remark was not against him.]

My response was spontaneous and it came from my experience that goes back to decades, not just years. I have been ill-fated to attract a lot of self-appointed well-wishers in my life for reasons that I never managed to understand.  There are so many murderers, drug addicts, corrupt politicians, and all kinds of evil-doers in the world, but why are these well-wishing moralists bothered about me even when I try to live as far away from people as possible except for the virtual contact through my blog?

My well-wisher, who expected me to acknowledge my alleged hatred or whatever and go like the biblical Prodigal Son to a confessor, replied in a language other than English and is translated as: "There's no salvation for you, sonny."

Never mind the patronisation; I'm used to that.  Used to the condemnation too.

My response was: "That's what I am saying.  The only salvation lies in death."

I meant it.  My experience teaches me that these well-wishing moralists won't leave people like me alone simply because we are easy targets for their paternalisation and moralisation.  Who else can be moralised so easily but petty bloggers like me?

Interestingly, I come across more and more of them as I go along trying my best to avoid them. I would never have written this post had the situation not become sickening.

PS. I'll return to my novel in the next post.  This post is just for the intermission.


  1. Interesting! But these are self evident truths which makes me wonder why this man is telling them to us. To be honest I watched only half the video. That was enough for me. Very moralising.

    1. The man in the clipping may be an innocuous doc with some classical longings still left in his ageing soul.


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