Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cult Education - video review

Video Review

Rick Alan Ross is a cult specialist, and founder and executive director of the nonprofit Cult Education Institute.  His website provides extensive information on cults and how they manipulate people's minds and emotions. 

Here's a link to a video in which he introduces himself and his work.  

In this video he tells us about the work he does in order to "deprogram" people who have been brainwashed by cults in various countries.  

Rick Ross
Ross identifies three criteria by which we can identify a disruptive cult.
  1. an authoritarian leader who has become an object of worship
  2. brainwashing of the followers
  3. the damage done to the followers - exploitation for money, sex, etc. 
Ross has been working with victims of cults from 1982.  He deprograms the victims by fostering critical thinking in them.  The video is an introduction to him and his work.  Those who are interested in cults and especially those who are victimised by any of them will find Ross's video and his website very useful. 

Ross is the sole speaker in this video.  His speech is interspersed with images from his website.  However, the viewer does not get enough time to absorb those images.  Nor is he/she given any clue as to where he can get more information about those images.  This is a drawback of the video.  Nevertheless, the video introduces the viewer to Ross and his eminent service.  Ross's service is very relevant and significant at a time such as ours when cults are mushrooming all over the world doing substantial harm to a large number of individuals.  

PS. This is written in response to a request for the review. 

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