Thursday, January 12, 2017

Modi ejects Gandhi

Narendra Modi has replaced Mahatma Gandhi with himself in the 2017 wall calendar and table diary brought out by the Khadi Village Industries Commission.  Everything else that the narcissistic prime minister has done so far dwindles into insignificance with this latest feat. 

Picture Courtesy: JantaKaReporter

The Mahatma and ‘the’ Modi are poles apart.  Where the former sowed love, the latter bred hatred.  The former stood for peace and tolerance while the latter has instigated strife and intolerance on many an occasion.  The Mahatma deserved the appellation conferred on him by none other than Rabindranath Tagore.  The Modi will have to be reborn at least a dozen times even to understand the profundity of that great soul whom he has replaced shamelessly on the calendar and the diary.

I’ll be doing a tremendous injustice to the Mahatma if I go on elaborating the differences between him and his replacement.  There is not even a worthwhile contrast between a shining star and a neutron star. 


  1. Modi Ji has lost it! Last year I was supporting him, hoping our country will see a new era. Now, I am loathing him for all the narcissism. Next you know will be the Indian currency.

    1. Yes, I think so too that he will replace the Mahatma on the currency too.

    2. With this man, one can never be sure, Purba.

  2. Selfie Diplomacy was narcissism
    Coat with his own name for lines was narcissism
    Beef ban for Vegetarianism
    I left my family blah blah blah for my country was ego centrism
    Midnight announcement of demonitisation was Sensationalism
    Tit for Tat and surgical strike with Pakistan was Patriotism
    Gandhi as swatch bharath model was Reductionism of Mahatma
    Then many many ism.........
    Ithellam for Patriotism
    Promoting Virulent Nationalism....
    Nothing more than an RSS propoganda
    You can write a post about these isms post interesting topic...
    Sir inu Modi ye kandal kalippanennu enikku ariyam...
    I heavily recommend TROLL MALAYALAM PAGE in FACEBOOK for hearty laughs...
    Modikku pongala iduka ennathanu avarudey one of the pradhana panikal...
    Thallu Muthalali,Ooruthendi, SANGIKUTTAN, .......he has many nicknames!!
    Check it out for hearty laughs!

    1. Yes, we can make a whole volume of this man's sins. The complexity of his character is such that his biography will run into several volumes. The tragedy is, as you've pointed out, it's all made out to be patriotism and a sizeable section of Indians believe it. People idolise him and he really thinks he is better than the Mahatma.

  3. To establish himself as a big brand, the present Indian premier is attaching himself to those brands which are already well-established. Gandhi is one of them. Patel is another. Ambedkar is one more. And the like wise. And after this association, he is trying to substitute them with himself. He has been successful in this bid of himself till now. Getting own photo on the currency notes instead of Gandhi is only a matter of time for him. You must be aware of the fact that some lot of recently printed currency is not having Gandhi's photo on them and the RBI has termed it as 'just an aberration' while declaring such notes as completely valid and acceptable.


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