Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sakshi Maharaj and 40 Lies

What is he?
Sakshi Maharaj thinks that one particular religious community in the country is responsible for the population rise.  “The population has risen because of those who support the concept of four wives and 40 children,” he declared.  Our Prime Minister said much the same thing when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.  A few months after the notorious Gujarat riots, Mr Narendra Modi spoke to a jubilantly cheering crowd and said among other inflammatory things, “We want to firmly implement family planning.  Hum paanch, humare pachees [We five, our 25].  Who will benefit from this development?”  Mr Modi  has grown up since. 

Sakshi Maharaj is not likely to grow up in the same way. 

Who is the real Sakshi Maharaj?

His original name is Sachchidanand Hari Sakshi.  He won the Lok Sabha elections in 1991, 1996 and 1998 on BJP tickets playing a caste and communal card.  He was involved in the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition and seldom had the courage or integrity to face the trial so much so the court had to issue an arrest warrant against him just to bring him to the trial.

In 1999, he defected from BJP to Samajawadi Party simply because he was denied a ticket by the former.  That’s for his ideology.  At that time he declared that the BJP’s policies were not favourable to the poor and backward people.  In fact, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had denied him the ticket because he was an accused in the murder of Brahm Dutt Dwivedi who was a senior BJP leader and cabinet minister in UP.  

An antisocial element who took active part in the demolition of a place of worship and an accused murderer.  What else is Sakshi Maharaj?

In 2000, a college principal in UP filed a complaint against this Maharaj of gang-raping her along with his two nephews.  The Maharaj spent a month in Tihar jail cooling his heels.  As with most high profile cases, this one too “lacked evidence” and the Maharaj continued to reign.

An antisocial criminal, a murderer and rapist “without evidence”, the Maharaj soon proved to be a downright opportunist.  He started ditching his new party and hitched his wagon to BJP once again which was happy to welcome the renegade back home.  Ghar Wapsi.

Murderer, Rapist, Opportunist.  With all the necessary escape routes cut out by a system that is now trying to eradicate black money from the country.  “Laws are like cobwebs which may catch small flies...”  Jonathan Swift smiles in his grave.

A sting operation conducted by STAR TV in 2005 caught the Maharaj misusing the MPLADS funds allotted to his constituency.  The Rajya Sabha to which he belonged then sought his expulsion.

In 2009, the Maharaj was accused of misappropriating Rs 2,500,000 from the funds of a college owned by him.  The inquiry named Sujata Verma, Principal of the college.  She was soon found murdered and the Maharaj absconded but was caught soon.  An eyewitness confessed that the Maharaj’s brother pulled the trigger on the lady.  The Maharaj went underground.

He emerged later as a BJP MP.  He is also an educationist with 17 institutions under his care.  God save his students.  He runs several ashrams in the country.  God save his devotees.

 And God save us from such leaders.


  1. Whenever I see these people, a dialogue from the movie Raanjhanaa comes back to me.

    "You know, many of the sages here are cheats, epscondings, castouts. Bloody criminals. Murderers, rapists. They just dawn the saffron color, and mingle along with the real sages. Whom did you kill? I can see it on your face. No Ganga or Mazjid in this world, has the power to forgive a human for killing a fellow human. Go. Do something. I don't know what. But you won't get salvation at the banks of Ganges."

    1. No salvation with any holy men or women or even rivers, let alone temples and such places. Only when people realise it there will be salvation. Salvation is awareness.

  2. God save the education institute yes,
    God save his devotees...No...God save the society from them, if they worship/follow this person their values get defined.
    God save us, these people get elected!!!

    1. Ironically we need deliverance from such religious people. We are left wondering why thousands if not millions of people choose to be hoodwinked by these frauds.

  3. Really, God save us from such leaders and saints(Fraud).

  4. We get the leaders we deserve Sir. With due acknowledgement of all the facts put forth by you, I am sure that himself as well as many like others (including the present Indian premier who was the face behind the massacre, rapes and destruction in Gujarat in 2002) will continue to win elections and rule us. When we do not wake up, why shouldn't they take advantage of our sleepiness ?

    1. Precisely. It's we who make our leaders, political as well as religious. Without our devotion none of them will ever succeed the way they are doing.

  5. God save us????
    No it has to be us! The working class, peasants; the real creators of the social wealth!
    We are disunited on name of religion, caste, creed and favouring the parasites, our real enemy, the bourgeois class!
    The day or the moment we understand that we are in huge majority, more than 90%, we have the capabilities to run our own country, our own affairs and don't need 'masters' to rule or guide us; and who is our real enemy, who is making us remain unemployed, ignorant, superstitious!
    We will unite and overthrow the rule of our enemy!

    1. I'm a nonbeliever. So my mention of God was only an expression of helplessness or impossibility.

      Yes, it is we who our own saviours. But we are still blink devotees of a dictator. There seems to be reason for hope.


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