Thursday, March 2, 2017

RSS Courage

Kundan Chandrawat
Ten-second Hero
The RSS has amused us once again with its unique variety of courage when one Kundan Chandrawat from the hinterland of Madhya Pradesh declared a price for the head of Kerala’s Chief Minister.  “Bring me the head of Pinarai Vijayan on a platter and I’ll give you one crore rupees,” said the RSS leader to all the desh bhakts gathered before him during a dharna in Ujjain.  “I’ll even sell my properties to get the amount.”

It turned out to be mere Dutch courage even before Pinarai Vijayan scoffed at the threat.  Vijayan was in Mangalore the other day daring much more ferocious challenges from the RSS and its bhakts there.  “I have walked among you when your swords were drawn and guns were cocked,” said Vijayan in Mangalore with his characteristic composure.  Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Secretary of CPI(M) in Kerala, scoffed at the latest RSS threat saying that the organisation wouldn’t even be able to touch a hair on Vijayan’s body. 

Both Vijayan and Balakrishnan did not even consider the threat worth bothering about though both of them know that the RSS in Kerala is no less violent than their own party CPI(M).  In Kerala, one of the hobbies of both RSS and CPI(M) is to kill people belonging to the other camp.  There are people in Kerala who will kill for Vijayan.  And there are people in Kerala who will kill for Kummanam or Muraleedharan.  In case you don’t know who the latter two are, they are BJP leaders in Kerala for whom the government is spending crores of rupees by providing Y category security though they have, so far, done nothing for the state except make some noise occasionally from some public pulpit.

Though they have done nothing worthwhile, if Kummanam or Muraleedharan issues the same threat that Kundan Chandrawat did, it would create ripples in Kerala.  At least the speaker would spend some time in jail cooling his heels.  But Chandrawat can roam around freely after issuing such a serious threat because we know that his threat is like the balloons released in the air: they will burst with farting sounds after a little while.

When the intoxication of the moment was over, Chandrawat confessed that he didn’t mean what he said.  “It was merely an expression of anger,” he explained.  “I didn’t mean to incite any violence or killing.”  We are reminded of ‘Veer’ Savarkar whose death anniversary was celebrated by the RSS a few days back.  Savarkar issued a lot of threats to the British as well as those Indians who refused to accept Hinduism as their religion or at least Hindutva as their identity.  But when the British government in India threw him in the Cellular Jail, the Veer submitted shameless mercy petitions one after the other and even went to the extent of offering his services to the colonial government “in any capacity they like.”

It’s heartening to note that RSS remains loyal to the courage of the ‘Veer’.  We should consider ourselves lucky to have Kundans to amuse us every now and then.


  1. I was in sync with your post for the first 2-3 paragraphs. But the last paragraph put me off. The manner in which you mentioned Savarkar felt demeaning and over all I felt it a shallow read of you about him. With those words, I feel, you have put yourself in line with Kundan Chandrawat. It was painful to read. I have no interest to argue on it, but I couldn't stop writing few words. That is all from my side.

    1. I wonder what you find admirable in a man who was a vitriolic and parochial, beast-like creature who sought to drive wedges between human communities. He drivelled and snivelled shamelessly. He conspired to assassinate Gandhi. He betrayed the assassins in the end. Such a shameless man with no scruples, no morality, no shame... abominable.

  2. These fellows always try to attract high command's attention.No progress beyond it.


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