Sunday, June 11, 2017

Chatur Baniya and Amit Shah

Amit Shah is a chatur baniya. His political career is mired in filth and blood.  He has used devious methods to bring his party to power in his own as well as other states and also to eliminate enemies.  He is the master of trickery and even encounter killings are part of his arsenal.  He knows how to get what he wants.  Recently he was in Kerala where he hurled an ultimatum to the party workers: win at any cost.  Clashes broke out in Kerala from the very next day.  Sooner than later, Amit Shah can take pride in destroying the communal harmony that existed in Kerala for decades.

Courtesy C P Sharma
Amit Shah knows how to use power effectively.  His party is changing the history textbooks wherever it is in power.  In the new textbooks, the tin heroes of RSS like Savarkar have displaced the real heroes like Mahatma Gandhi.  The entire freedom struggle is being shown in a different light.  The history of the country is being rewritten entirely.  Fair becomes foul and vice versa.  That’s Amit Shah’s magic.  The magic of the chatur baniya.

We all tend to judge other people according to our own standards.  If I am a jealous person, I see jealousy in everybody else.  If I am greedy, I tend to judge all others as motivated by greed.  Similarly, Amit Shah has judged that Mahatma Gandhi was a chatur baniya. 

Gandhi was clever, no doubt.  He was a baniya by caste.  So Amit Shah is not wrong entirely.  Yet he is terribly, terribly wrong.  Gandhi was far, far more than a chatur baniya. 

Gandhi had a clear and profound vision which embraced the whole of humanity.  His entire philosophy was based on love and compassion and a deep understanding of human nature.  In spite of all the drawbacks he had as a human being as well as visionary, Gandhi towers infinitely above the puny minds like Amit Shah. 

Amit Shah and his BJP may remove Gandhi and other great people from history textbooks.  They may warp the impressionable minds of the present students.  They may saffronise the entire country.  But any edifice constructed on a slimy foundation will come tumbling down in the due course of time.  Gandhi will go on shining in the history books for ages to come.  Amit Shah will vanish from them like a mushroom that shot up accidentally though venomously.  The venom will spread some plague for a while, no doubt.  But mankind knows how to overcome plagues too. 


  1. Drawbacks of Gandhi! I would like to know your reasons to say so ( perhaps another blog? :). I have heard about some criticisms, but what exactly were his faults? I haven't read any non fictions based on Gandhi, so I lack the proper understanding.

    Amit Shah is a very intelligent person, a king maker whom I consider as a modern day Chanakya. He and Hemanta Biswa Sarma of Assam carry a uncanny resemblance and it is only a matter f time that their associations would bring something disastrous to the political situation.

    1. Everyone has limitations, however great one may be. Gandhi too had. His views on technology and development were too idealistic, for example. His notions on medical science and the way he denied his wife certain food on idealistic grounds are questionable....

      I have described Shah as Chanakya many times. He is that. If only he could use that brain for better purposes!


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