Sunday, June 4, 2017

Nietzsche’s Mad Man

I am mad
because I see what you don’t
and I also see what you do.

Do you hear what the deep midnight declares?
The night is deep,
deeper than day is ever aware,
deep is its woe,
and its joy, deeper yet than agony.
But all joy wants eternity,
wants deep, deep eternity.

Eternity is as transparent as the darkest midnight
to me, insane me.
Dark me,
Transparent me.

You are destined to traverse
between the poles of dark and light.
To you
dark is dark
and light is light
and in the twilight between
you discover your idols,
fabricate your gods,
fornicate with scriptures,
slander your neighbour,
plunder the thunder,
covet your neighbour’s spouse,
castrate the mountains,
ravage the rivers,
darken the light,
and light up the dark.

you are sane,
I am insane.

PS. Inspired by Nietzsche’s Zarathustra


  1. Nice poem,sir."Eternity is transparent as the darkest midnight"-love this line.

  2. Can one who sees everything in black and white, in ones and zeros, understand the infinity hidden within the two colors and the two digits?

    Will he be considered immoral if he plunges deep within that infinity without realizing its meaning?

    Loved the poem and also did a quick search to know more about the character. Thank you.

    1. When Nietzsche proclaimed the death of god, he was actually indicting us. We killed god with our vileness and refusal to 'see.'

      I must thank you for the constant appreciation as well as occasional questioning.

  3. Hmmm ... Subtlety with sarcasm are two traits of this poem. It's not everybody's cup of tea, therefore. Only the sensitive, the rational and the open-minded can understand it and thereby connect to it.

    1. Subtlety has become necessary today. It is better to write for the initiated in times of political calamities.


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