Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dangers of Quixotism

Finally Tony Blair has admitted that the 2003 Iraq war was a mistake. Juan Cole, teacher and writer, compares Blair's apology to that of the little boy who, on being asked to apologise for calling a lady "fat," said, "Lady, I'm sorry you're fat."

America, under the leadership of the quixotic Bush Jr, wanted to secure its hegemony in the Middle East particularly for grabbing the petroleum available there.  Even after the United Nations Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) reported that it could not discover any weapon of mass destruction in Kuwait, Don Quixote of America led his army against the country with the passionate support of his Sancho Panza, Tony Blair.

Thousands of people were killed.  Precious properties were destroyed. Thousands of people were displaced.  Many more thousands were left as survivors suffering from chronic heartaches.  And quite a few thousand terrorists were spawned by the heartaches.

India is witnessing a similar situation, though a scaled down version.  Our own Don Quixote and his very loyal Sancho Panza are fighting a war in the name of an animal of mass veneration.  Hegemony is the actual goal once again. But every Quixote was brought to his knees in the end.  Even Hitler who swallowed six million corpses was.  Six million lives was a heavy price even for a Hitler, however.


  1. So crisp!
    Haven't we been missing you around here!

    1. I hope to be around more faithfully :) The problem is there are too many Quixotes and Sanchos around.


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