Monday, October 19, 2015

Secrets of the Knight

Two centuries of wandering in the valley of withered sedges was brought to an end for the Knight of la Belle Dame sans Merci when an adventure-tourist gifted him a digital camera.

"In case you bump into her," advised the tourist,  " click a snap.  It might serve to forewarn future potential victims. "

It is immaterial whether the tourist was a universal do-gooder or was merely playing a practical joke on the haggard and woe-begone Knight.   What matters here is that the gift transformed the Knight's life.

His camera lapped up the beauty of the landscapes that stretched farther and farther from the valley of fairy sedges.   Undulating landscapes and riotous horizons became digital heartbeats in the Knight's camera.  Country roads flanked by thriving flora composed heavenly rhapsodies.

Every road invariably led to a twilight.  In the dimness of twilights, in the most insignificant crannies of landscapes,  in the unlikeliest places,  the Knight discovered the secrets of life.   Those secrets had the sweetness of honey wild and manna-dew.  And sure in language strange they professed their love to the Knight.   "Love you too," said the Knight shutting their eyes with countless kisses. 

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