Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Some Virtues

I used to be Snow White until I was bored
And drifted in quest of colours
And met holders of magic mirrors.
Colours come in at the cost of whiteness.

My generosity with words overflowed
Until the words became flames
And she said she was ready to burn herself
Wasn’t she doing it from day one, she asked.

So many holy books full of truths
for which people kill one another.
And I’m still seeking that truth
which doesn’t demand so much blood.

Every time I joined my palms in rueful prayer
God said he had already forgiven me.
But I couldn’t forgive him
for making me a beggar again and again.

I have a tail that’s nothing much to boast about,
It loves to get in the way sometimes just
to show off whatever colours and plumes it has;
The silly little thing is attached to me as I am to it.


  1. Such a soul-stirring verse expressed with sheer magnanimity! I am moved by your take on these vital virtues of life... :') Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful post.

  2. Wow! Beautiful and thought provoking verses :)

  3. Truthfulness. That part. Very true. The stark truth of society, brought goosebumps in me. I just stared at the sentence.

    1. Most people are victims of the predator called religious truth.

  4. "But I couldn’t forgive him
    for making me a beggar again and again."
    Thought provoking!

    1. Why can't an omnipotent god create beings who would naturally choose good over evil?

  5. It was the forgiveness part that brought goose bumps in me.

    It reminded me of my first fight with the Almighty, when I threw a F- bomb, on him. Since then, he has been constantly playing with me. I really envy those people who proclaim themselves as an atheist or a theist. I mean how can one be cent percent sure in his life?

    1. Spirituality is a constant struggle between personal truths and the infinite mystery. Those who find certainties are lucky.


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